corazón (lyrics in English)


feb 26, 2012

I wrote Corazón in 2002 as a basic guitar song and invented a choir to it, later on I enjoyed the adventure of making an
instrumental arrange in Logic Audio. Then I let the song fall asleep for a couple of years, then remade it by feeding it with more silence to leave enough space to challenge a
percussion player in 2006:
Marcel Schagen, Conga & cajón

After another two years of "sleep" I suddenly woke up one day and hummed: "...Corazón". Then I just felt like playing new instruments all over again and put a 4th generation Corazón on my shared-amongst-friends-pre-demo (Ask where is Embla? december 15, 2008) and finally on my album release this month

So here is Corazón's newest revival ;-)
You want to taste it?




Yeah let's dance


Sushi, our unforgettable Cat